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Guild Message of the Day - May 27th
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Jitter News

By: Gresch - May 31st

Goodnight Jitter

It is with a heavy heart that I close the doors on Jitter. Thanks for the memories.

  • Cyndoll: Sad times indeed :(
By: Gresch - April 8th

Heroic Chimeron Goes Down

  • Ankhie: OMG!!! A real ss.... but where is the loot part?
  • Vemorro: you are asking for to much.
By: Maldonode - April 3rd

Wildhammer Factchecker!

I'm your biggest fan!

  • Vemorro: I hate you guys
By: Maldonode - March 20th

Important! Very srs update.

Last night there was some fail ally DK in Org so Monty, Vinny, and I took it upon ourselves to protect the Horde capital. He brought along some friends, a rogue and a druid, but we still killed him many times and dark phoenix t-bagged him. "Whodatis," of Nordrassil, suck deez phoenix nuts.

  • Tremonty: so win
  • Evilest: cool story bro
By: Gresch - March 12th

Heroic Halfus down

Halfus Down

He's dead.

  • Tremonty: Concise and to the point. Well done sir.
  • Ilkaedor: Given that we once again forgot to screenshot it, I nominate Dawn to draw us a picture
  • Evilest: screen cap or it didn't happen
  • Ankhie: I took a ss of it when we killed him again, showing loot (after it was looted ><)and the boss's hp. unsure what else would be need for a ss kill.
By: Tremonty - February 22nd


Legit killshot of 10 man BoT

  • Dawnscape: You guys fail for not taking a screen shot for 25 men kill yesterday
  • Absôlution: ^says the "officer" who does nothing
  • Lituna: Pwnt
  • Ilkaedor: Abso, buy Dawn a drink
  • Vemorro: i say we lace his puppies with poison, when he eats them, problem solved
By: Tremonty - February 18th


Updated photo of a one-time mighty foe. LOOK UPDATED NEWS!

  • Ankhie: That dragon looks high.
  • Lituna: you one shotted him?
  • Kazokan: Woo wooo wooo Where is the dead warrior tank under the fire?
By: Gresch - February 18th

Recruitment as of 2/18/2011

1 STR Melee DPS (Warrior, DK, Paly) with Tank offspec
1 Rogue
1 Hunter
1 Warlock
1 Balance Druid
1 Shaman (Enhance OR Restoration)

By: Tremonty - February 18th

Nefarian slain 10/25 well done everyone.


By: Gresch - January 17th

10-man Fri/Sat group now recruiting

Currently in search of: Rogue,Healing Priest, Hunter, Holy Paladin

  • Vemorro: Get a 100G signing bonus if you are a hot dude and send me dirty pictures ;)
  • Jackhera: thats gonna scare recruits away vinny...
  • Evilest: or a WARLOCK for one caster dps slot
  • Vemorro: well now it will. i was going to tell them i was hot and show them a picture of cyndol. way to ruin it for me
  • Cyndoll: HAHAHAHAHA. All they have to do is get on vent with you to sort that out Vinny :P
  • Vemorro: well i was gonna talk to you about that, i was gonna have you help me and we could share the spoils lol
  • Baineoflife: Vinny, your ways plus Purps voice = Super Perv!!!!
  • Lituna: Just get Purp drunk, thats bad enough. haha

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